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Revenue from contracts and customers

Topic 606 has an impact on most U.S. GAAP financial statements either due to measurement and recognition changes from legacy U.S. GAAP and/or additional disclosure requirements compared to prior guidance.


How to audit under the new leasing standard

The revised effective date for private companies’ adoption of the new leasing standard (ASC Topic 842, Leases) is now January 1, 2022! Question: Will you be prepared to properly audit such transactions?


Managing Fraud Risk

Learn the latest improper revenue recognition practices, how to conduct an effective fraud interview with management, those charged with governance and non-accounting / non-management personnel, and how to deal with possible management override of controls and how to properly identify fraud risk factors.


What you need to know about the IFAC standards

Key projects to enhance and improve the standards resulting in some significant changes to the reporting and communication, along with independence & ethics and professional skepticism.

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